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How to play Spanish Bonoloto: Rules, Prices and Prizes

How to play spanish Bonoloto: Rules, Prices and Prizes



Would you like to change your destiny? If you think that luck is on your side, you may be interested in knowing how to play Bonoloto, one of the daily draws with the highest number of followers of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado due to its periodicity and simplicity.

Participating in this draw is recommended for all those who prefer to participate regularly, as the price of the tickets is the lowest and, having several weekly draws, is the best option to try your luck on a daily basis.

In this post, we are going to focus on how to play the Bonoloto, what the rules are and how much it costs to try your luck in this draw that has been taking place for over 30 years.

Let’s get into it!


When do the Bonoloto draws take place?

As opposed to other draws such as La Primitiva or EuroMillions, the frequency of this draw is daily, so every day you will have the chance to guess the winning combination and change your luck forever!

This lottery has six weekly draws (every day except on Sunday) since 1988, which is why so many people has become a fan of it!


How to play the Bonoloto – Rules you must know

If there is something that the Bonoloto is well-known for is being a simple game that, at the same time, offers you the possibility to be able to choose the numbers that bring you luck and therefore set your own winning combination.

As opposed to other games such as the Lotería Nacional (National Lottery), with the Bonoloto you have the benefit of always being able to choose the combination of numbers that you want.

Imagine that you are dreaming of the numbers that are going to change your luck. Whereas with the Spanish Christmas Lottery you have to search among all the outlets to find your lucky number, this is not the case with Bonoloto. With Bonoloto you can choose your lucky numbers whenever you like and as many times as you like . A bonus for the superstitious players.

The game consists in choosing 6 numbers between 1 and 49. Each table is a bet; the minimum number of tables you must fill out is two, and the maximum number is eight.

Can’t decide which number to choose? That’s normal. Choosing the winning combination is an important decision that sometimes is better to leave it to chance. To do this, select the randomisation option and your bets will be filled in automatically.


Increase your chances with multiple bets

It is difficult to think that just six numbers could change so many aspects of your life, so if you would like to increase your chances, a great option would be to play multiple bets.

By paying just a little bit more for your ticket, you will be able to choose in each of your bets up to 7,8,9,10 and 11 numbers. To win the prize, you must also guess six numbers, so this a way for you to increase your chances.


What type of draws are there?

Another question that you must take into account when you are planning to play Bonoloto is the days when you want to play.

Although, as we have mentioned before, the draws take place every day except on Sunday, we can say that there are two ways of playing:

  • Daily draws: choose your favourite day of the week and validate your ticket; remember that if you do it over the weekend, you will participate in the Monday draw.
  • Weekly draws: Why choose a particular day when you could choose them all? If you choose the weekly option, you will participate in six draws with the same combinations. A perfect option is to try your luck every day of the week without having to modify all the numbers for each of the draws.


How much does the Bonoloto cost?

Now that you know how to play Bonoloto, most likely you are wondering what trying your luck with this game could mean for your pocket.

As we have already mentioned, one of the great advantages of this so popular lottery is that the price is quite economical if we compare it to any other game of luck.

The cost of each bet is €0.50. If you only play one day a week, you must make at least two bets, and therefore the price for each ticket would be 1 Euro. However, if you would like to play on a weekly basis or more than one day per week, you can make one bet per ticket.

By doing this, the minimal amount to play Bonoloto will always be 1 Euro.


What are the Bonoloto prizes?

Another thing you must know before learning how to play the Bonoloto is the prizes. In this way, you will be able to evaluate whether this is the game for you or whether you’d prefer to choose another one between those available at Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

As opposed to other draws, the Bonoloto does not have a fixed prize. This is, every time that you play, the prize is different, as it depends on the money collected and the jackpot that has been accumulating over the different draws.

Both facts can change from one day to the next and, therefore, the prize will be completely different.

The prizes are distributed as follows:

  • 1st category: this is obtained with 6 right guesses and the prize is 45% of the remaining funds plus the jackpot.
  • 2nd category: this is obtained with 5 right guesses plus the additional (supplementary) number and the prize is 24% of the remaining funds.
  • 3rd category: this is obtained with 5 numbers from the winning combination and the prize is 12% of the remaining funds.
  • 4th category: this is obtained with 4 numbers from the winning combination and the prize is 19% of the remaining funds.
  • 5th category: this is obtained wih 3 numbers from the winning combination and you win 4 Euros per each rightly guessed bet.
  • 6th Reimbursement: the money spent in the bet played is reimbursed.


Do you already know how to play Bonoloto? Don’t miss this great opportunity that destiny puts in your hands every day.

Our outlet is located in the magical city of Santiago de Compostela, a pilgrim’s place that is full of legends that will surely bring some luck to your bets!

Buy your Bonoloto ticket from us and most likely you will have some stories to tell. Good luck and all the best!

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