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El Gordo
Jackpot5.400.000 €
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Draw date
JACKPOT51.000.000 €
Tuesday, 21/03/23
JACKPOT3.000.000 €
Monday, 20/03/23
JACKPOT5.400.000 €
Sunday, 26/03/23
JACKPOT4.000.000 €
Sunday, 26/03/23
JACKPOT40.000 €
Sunday, 26/03/23
IN PRIZES30.000 €
Thursday, 23/03/23

Spanish El Gordo de la Primitiva: play online 


Are you thinking about buying Spanish El Gordo de la Primitiva? At Lotería Berenguela you can do it quickly and easily. Laziness will no longer be an excuse not to try your luck in this game of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.


El Gordo de la Primitiva, popularly known as "El Gordo" is a very popular weekly draw as you can win a jackpot of a minimum of 5 million Euros.


This game is played every Sunday, so you can buy your ticket on our web until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. The price of each bet is €1.50.


How to play El Gordo online


Unlike other draws, it has a high number of bets, which offers bigger chances of winning a prize. Go on and try your luck!


El Gordo consists of a combination of 5 numbers (from 1 to 54) and a key number between 0 and 9.


When buying El Gordo de la Primitiva online, on our web you can do this in two different ways:


  • Randomized: the system chooses the lucky numbers for you
  • Own choice: You can select your own favourite numbers.


If you would rather choose your numbers yourself but you are unsure about which numbers to pick, you can check our statistics section and find out how many times each of your numbers has been the winner.


Would you like to take part in several draws? At Lotería Berenguela we give you the option to sign up for as many weeks as you like.


We also offer you the chance to apply automatic cutbacks (reducciones automáticas) to reduce your number of bets.


In El Gordo draws the jackpot accrues week by week until a winning combination comes up. On our web, we inform you at all times of how much has been accrued so that you are aware of the prize that you could win if luck knocks on your door!


Sharing prizes with friends always gives that better feeling. That is why at Lotería Berenguela we offer you the chance to play collectively creating your own group and sharing the sum total. Each user must accept the sum total via the email used for buying the ticket and the system will share the prizes equally between each participant.


When buying El Gordo on our web, you should know that we offer three ways of making the payment: by card, bank transfer or through the credit you have in your user account.


Types of bets available at El Gordo


One of the main questions you should ask yourself when buying El Gordo is: what type of bet are you most interested in?


Simple bets


In this type of bets you must choose 5 numbers and a key number that will be regular for all the bets of the ticket. You can make up to 6 possible combinations.


Multiple bets


You can choose from 6 to 11 number, although the key number will need to be the same for all bets. The number of combinations is bigger than that in the simple bets, reaching up to 462 combinations.


Would you like to change your destiny? Try your luck buying El Gordo.


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